Terms and Conditions

Program Delivery

Training and Assessment is conducted online.

Students are allocated a timetable that may vary between morning and afternoon/early evening classes.
Where practical assessment or mandatory Work Placement is required, you must source an appropriate organisation/employer to undertake practical components.

Entry Requirements

Students seeking to have previously attained qualifications, skills and knowledge recognised as part of a Recognition of Prior Learning application process, must submit certificates of qualifications and record of results and any other supporting evidence required by the RTO prior to commencement of their chosen VET AQF course.

Students enrolling in VET- AQF qualifications are required to provide evidence of their English language proficiency with their Letter of Offer or prior to commencing their course. Failure to provide this evidence may delay the Confirmation of Enrolment and possible commencement date. A level of English proficiency of English language demonstrated through an IELTS overall band score of 5.5 (or its equivalent) for Diploma qualifications and 5.0 IELTS (or its equivalent) for Certificate level programs. Some courses may specify higher leges of English Language are required.

Students enrolling into World Wide English will undertake an embedded Placement Level assessment to guide which level (between 1 and 6) to commence.

Students understand that all fees detailed in the Letter of Offer must be paid by the due date/s and failure to pay each instalment fees as they are quoted, and by the due date, may result in the charging of late fee/s or cancellation of enrolment. Please refer to the Refund Policy.


Practical Assessment
Your VET – AQF course will require practical assessment to be undertaken. Depending on the requrements of each unit, some practical assessment may be conducted in a simulated work environment and other units may required practical assessment to be undertaken in the workplace.

Your Trainer Assessor will be able to assist you to understand the requirements however each unit has clear information on the requirements to be completed to successfully complete the unit.

Work Placement
If your course has mandatory Work Placement as a requirement you will need to source an appropriate organisation to undertake placement. Work placement organisations will need to be approved by the RTO prior to commencing placement as an Agreement must be established between the organisation and the RTO and the Organisation and the Student. A Work Placement pack will be provided from the RTO.
Your Trainer Assessor will be able to assist you to understand the requirements however each unit has clear information on the requirements to be completed to successfully complete the unit.

Assessment – General
Assessment methods will vary according to the requirements of unit(s) of competency being assessed and recommended assessment methods identified in the relevant training package.

Evidence gathering can include:

  • Observation/demonstration
  • Workbook Completion/Assignments
  • Written questioning to test knowledge (examinations)
  • Role plays
  • Case scenarios
  • Oral questioning to test knowledge
  • Evaluation of activities e.g. coaching others
  • Practical/on the job assessment in a centre/facility

Students have up to three (3) attempts per assessment task. Assessment re-sit fee $50. Where a student exhausts his/her attempts at re-assessment, the student will be required to re-enrol in the unit or module, participate in further training and undertake the whole assessment again. The cost to re-enrol in a unit is $800 (non-refundable).

Course Credit

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is generally known as the process by which individuals can have their prior qualifications, formal and informal learning and professional development and skills and experience from gained from work recognised formally through assessment. RPL is an Assessment Only pathway. If training is required you must undertake the full unit.

Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) is the term used for individuals who want the skills and knowledge that they are currently using for a particular job/role recognised against the competency standards.

Credit Transfer may be applied where students have undertaken prior units from a qualification that are deemed the same or equivalent according the the Training Package as is identified on training.gov.au.

The granting of RPL And Credit transfer are the sole responsibility of the RTO. Approved RPL and Credit may shorten the course duration.
The cost for RPL is $500 per unit (non-refundable) and there is no cost for approved Credit Transfer. Please obtain the full policy by seeing our administration staff.